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I'm back ... sort of!

I'm back from a brilliant weekend in Paris at a Spartacus convention.  It was a busy weekend, but with the usual round of photo ops, autographs and social events, it was very familiar, even if it wasn't for once the Supernatural fandom.

I'll post my pictures and some blurb here, hopefully tomorrow.  Unfortunately I bought back a souvenir other than pictures and autographs - and it was nothing so pleasant ... I seem to have picked up the French cold from hell, and after a 4.30 am start this morning (for a 7 am flight), plus an early morning traipse through Charles de Gaulle airport, which is possibly the biggest airport on the planet ... it certainly felt like it this morning after I walked through six terminals to get to my gate, I'm barely functioning!  I'm running hot and cold, congested to the hilt and ache all over, so I'm heading off to my bed in an attempt to get fit enough for work tomorrow!

Love you all - sending virtual germ-free hugs!
Tags: facts about me, fandom, spartacus

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