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*Covers Jensen's Ears*


I've got the house to myself, and considering I haven't got my mess-making machine in situ (otherwse known as Mr D), I decided to have a little blitz of the house.

So,  I had Youtube open on my laptop playing a procession of cheesy 80's and 90's hits to keep me company, and then, as I was putting the laundry away, and via a convoluted route involving Chas n Dave, Kate Bush and Squeeze, I happened across a video from a Comic Relief event from days of yore, involving a couple of British comedy characters karaokeing '500 Miles' by the Proclaimers.

But that's irrelevant.

In the audience was David Tennant... in full Highland regalia.

Ye Gods...!!!

I'm feeling a bit light headed, and I don't think it's the bleach fumes ...

Here's the offending video.  The lovely Mr Tennant only features briefly for two or three moments but ... what a two or three moments they are!

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