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My Summergen Reveal - Dreams to Reality

This was my Summergen 2018 contribution.  Typed with one hand thanks to newly broken shoulder, and beta'ed brilliantly by jj1564 - thank you my dear - it was written for this original prompt: Sam and Dean used to have a bucket list. Now Dean's just glad they're both alive, but there's one thing on Sam's list he would like to make sure gets crossed off, what is it he wants to help Sam with? May be serious or humorous or both.

Recipient: DLWinchester
Rating: T (only for a little language)
Word Count or Media: 3,500
Warnings: None
Author's Notes: There are a handful of references in this story which are canon compliant, but overall the fic should be read on the basis that it does not adhere strictly to canon.
Tags: dean winchester, fan fiction, sam winchester, summergen, supernatural

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