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Pool Party


Dean's having a little pool party, and only he's invited … for good reason.

A missing scene from 12:16, Ladies Drink Free, so possible spoilers for that episode ...

Disclaimer: I don't own them


After Dean finished decimating his room at the Wild Elk Lodge (three star no less), having pilfered pretty much everything that wasn't nailed down, he decided the allure of the hotel pool was too good to miss.

Okay, so he didn't have a swimming costume, but he figured it was midweek, so there were no kids in the hotel, only stiff-assed business types and it was almost 9 am, so they'd be getting ready for their meetings or conferences or whatever other dull shit they were doing.

Surely no-one would notice if he slipped in for a little skinny dip…


At first, Dean had tiptoed timidly into the pool, taking care to keep huddled down well under the surface of the water, just in case he was joined by some unsuspecting guest, but as time went on and no-one came near or by, he became bolder.

After around twenty lengths, he'd swapped his brisk front crawl for a few lengths of leisurely backstroke, had a long, indulgent session in the jacuzzi pool – man, he was so going to install one of those bad boys in the bunker – and he'd even tried a few crazy depth charges off the diving board.


As Dean stood at the hotel's main entrance with Sam, waiting for Mick to check them out, he was smug in the knowledge that no-one would ever know about his little adventure in the hotel pool.

Except that he hadn't noticed the bank of CCTV screens behind the reception desk, or the knowing glint in the Receptionist's eye as he helped himself to another fistful of complimentary mints.

If he had, he could have been smug in the knowledge that he had given the Receptionists and the duty Security Officer the best – and most entertaining - morning at work they'd ever had.



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