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100 Days of Happiness - Day 79 - Auf Wiedersehen (only temporarily!)

So, this may be my last check-in for a few days as I am off to the Isle of Wight tomorrow for dapplegrey art's last show of the summer season, back Sunday night, then fly out Monday afteroon to wonderful Deutschland for meet ups with herminekurotowa, sinfulslasher, julchen11, and meazrael_64.

Excited?  you bet!!!
Nervous?  A little, considering my only exposure to the German Language was nine months of being an extremely average student in my second year of secondary school - (about thirty six years ago!)

I will be back after the first week in September; we may even hop on line at some point during my German expedition, I'm sure there will be photographic evidence of various shenanigans, but in the meantime, here's some random complimentary Jensen to keep you all company ...

Oh look, Jensen's brought along a little friend ....

Tags: extreme prettiness, facts about me, fangirl down, happy dizzo, jensen

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