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Writing Challenge - Banana Drama

There's an SPN writing group I'm a member of over on Facebook, and they just ran a challenge called 'To Smut or Not to Smut'.

The challenge is: Write a smutty one shot, then go back to a point in the story before the smut starts and give us an alternate ending WITHOUT any smut.

And so, although I don't typically write slash, I'm not averse to a little smut, so here is my contribution to the challenge:
(Needless to say, the first version is SMUTTY!)


She was blonde and pretty; and she had a banana.

She was also alone, sitting across the diner, and Dean was mesmerised by her - and her banana.

Slowly and carefully peeling it with elegant, teasing fingertips, she lifted it to her mouth and smiled a predatory smile as her cherry red lips closed around its tip.

Her intense blue eyes never left his slack-jawed gape as the tip of her delicate tongue emerged from between those glossy lips and ghosted over the banana's fleshy length; first one side, then the other.

Dean whimpered, and continued to stare - completely unaware of the bead of drool hanging off his chin.

Then she bit it in half.

Dean fell off his chair.




She was blonde and pretty; and she had a banana.

She was also alone, sitting across the diner, but Dean wasn’t interested in her – or her banana.

All he could focus on was the slice of cherry pie nestling in the bowl in front of her.

Steaming hot, its golden lattice of pastry bulged with glistening cherries.

It had been the last slice of pie in the diner and she had snatched it right from under Dean’s nose. He was still stewing moodily to himself. She hadn’t just done violent battle with a poltergeist; he needed that delicious calorie-laden treat far more than she did.

But then she stood up and picking up her handbag, she headed toward the ladies room.

She returned only five minutes later.

At least the banana was still there.



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