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Picspam: FifteenTimes Jensen really SHOULDN'T have been a Sexy Beast.

... but he still was.  How is this even possible?


How could our boy possibly be an irresistible sex God when he's...

... sweaty and encrusted with mud doing Tough Mudder

... wearing a dopey hat

... copping a few 'Z's at a table

... playing at being a mad serial killer

... sitting practically naked in a tub of dry ice

... opening the front camera of his phone

... sitting on the lav

... wearing great uncle Wilbur's cardigan

... wearing a pink Alice band and being made up by a four-year-old

... larping as Barbie Braveheart

... stuffing his face

... having a mud masque treatment

... wearing jamjar-bottom glasses

... and ... uh ....

Your honour, the defence rests.
Tags: extreme prettiness, fangirl down, jensen, pictures, silliness

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