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Quote du Jour

I had another art show today, which unfortunately proved to be a bit of a washout.  It was a new event, and right from the outset, it was under-attended, and then after a couple of hours, the drizzle closed in, and the few people there were disappeared.  So, I decided to cut my losses and pack up.  It's a shame, but it's the only way I find out whether a show is any good for me to do or not, so there's no point in getting despondent about it.  I tried it, it didn't work out.  Won't do it again.

However, in the two hours I  was up and trading, I did have one exchange which made me smile/sigh/groan/wonder about the human race generally ...

Lady comes by the stall and scrutinises the pictures.  After a minute of squinting at them, she turns to me...

Lady: They're very nice, fascinating technique - are they photos?
Me: *thinks* There's three unicorns and a Pegasus on the front row ... is sarcasm a viable option here?
Me: No, madam, they're not.

Welcome to the wonderful world of retail!
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