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I'm back - albeit breifly, from a wonderful weekend on the Isle of Wight at dapplegrey art's first show of the season, and I'm thrilled to say, in terms of sales, it was the best ever.

I caught up with friends I've made on the craft fayre circuit - honestly, it's like a big reunion every year.  These are brilliant events just for the social aspect as well as the financial aspect!

It was hot though ... jeez, was it hot.  Inside a big plasticised canvas marquee, it was like a sauna, and just by way of a demonstration - here's a picture of me stepping out for a breath of fresh air at the BEGINNING of the day...

can you even imagine what I looked like at the end of it???

I sold two originals at the show, one on Saturday and one on Sunday.  There was a kind of beautiful symmetry to the fact that the one I sold on Saturday had been on the stall for ten years, my squirrel pic - Red Alert:

Then on Sunday, my Alpaca pic, Alpaca Lips Now, found his way to a lovely new home, and that was after he'd been on the stall for a whole ten hours!

So now, the dapplegrey art roadshow rolls on to the other side of the Isle of Wight, with the Freshwater Summer Fete next Saturday!
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