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It's that time of year again ...

How is it the 31st of July?

Of course, the fact that it's almost August can only mean one thing - it's almost dapplegrey art season!

I have four shows over five weekends in August, all on the Isle of Wight, and thankfully, my lovely Dad has stepped up to the plate to help me because I still have limited movement in my left arm, and setting up and breaking down the stall is seriously physical stuff.

Of course, my Dad is 74 and has two gammy knees, so between the two of us, we will have one full set of functioning limbs!!

Anyway, it will be lovely to catch up with all my dapplegrey art regulars and friends, and hopefully make a few new friends and a few good sales along the way!!

If you want to follow the adventres of dapplegrey art and, of course, DG, my loyal companion, over the summer, you can do so here at my Facebook page!

DG says 'hi'!  :)
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