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Hot Stuff - a Sweaty Boys Picspam

It's no secret that most of the planet is basking in a heatwave at the moment, and that means that everyone's hot and bothered - or bothered and hot if you prefer - we don't discriminate here at the Dizzo journal.

Now, of course, when most of us mere mortals get hot, we turn into limp-haired, wilting, par-broiled lobster lookalikes *points to self*.  However, when certain genetically-blessed individuals, eg: the individual components of J2M, get hot, they just turn into shinier, pinker, versions of their usual gorgeous selves...

This just makes us mere mortals hotter, which makes us ... see my previous comment about 'limp-haired, wilting, par-broiled lobster lookalikes'.

It's the ultimate vicious circle.

Observe, proof of this phenomenon below:

Sweaty Jensen

Sweaty Jared

Sweaty Misha

Just a word of warning... as this picspam progresses, you might want to open a window, or switch on a fan ... or sit in the refrigerator.  I take no responsibility for J2M-related heatstroke.

Nor does Jensen ...

You're not wrong - you gorgeous smug sod.

Of course, we like it when the boys get hot and sweaty, because wondedrful things like this happen:

It is a widely known fact that Jared is a heavy sweater...

But, like we're ever going to complain ...

However, unlike his real-life counterpart, Sam is not a heavy sweater.  He tends to have to be doing something that causes him to sweat...

Like this.

Be honest, that refrigerator is looking mighty inviting right now, isn't it.

Bugger the refrigerator - where's the freezer?

Blood and sweat is a good combination on Sam.
... did I just say that out loud?

Dean, on the other hand, can often be seen breaking into a sweat:

Such as when he's having a nightmare...

Or when he's partaking of a bit of horizontal gymnastics...

Or when he's trying to knock a wall down...

Or when he's nursing a hangover...

Or when he's sitting in a sweatbox trying to drive a creepy alien bloodsucker out of someone else's body...

Or when he's simply being all angsty and gorgeous.  (It's hard work being that angsty and gorgeous you know!)

Jensen is no stranger to perspiration either, it's hot work being a sexy rock-god.

And playing shirtless soccer is very hard work...

We'll just linger and enjoy the view for a while...
(Please note, licking is not permitted).

Jason Teague looks rather sweaty and gorgeous when he's feverish.


And when he's being beaten up by a Chinese man with a cattle prod.

It's okay Jensen, we sweat when we look at your shoulders too.
(Is there still room in that refrigerator?)

Sometimes Jensen doesn't just sweat on his face and neck, but we don't mind - we'll take what we can get ...

Sam and Dean look rather lovely sitting here together all sweaty and angsty.
It's a real bummer that they're dying of oxygen starvation ...

They also look rather nice and sweaty when they're being tortured by some brainless posh bint in an ill-fitting trouser suit.

Now, young Misha takes sweating to the next level...
Hey, back off lady, that's our job!

But on the whole, our lovely Misha doesn't tend to be a big sweater.

Now, Castiel on the other hand, he's an angel, and he really shouldn't sweat at all.
But he's been seen perspiring profusely at all sorts of times, such as:

When his grace is failing ...

Or when God carves messages into his chest...
(Are there no paper and pencils in Heaven???)

Or when he's being tortured whilst suffering from some rabid curse...

Or when he's dead...

Or when he's been run through with the Lance of Michael and is making profound speeches of love and reflection before he finally pegs out...

From this, we can conclude that sweating is never a positive thing for Castiel, and should not be encouraged.

It is worth remembering that sweating can sometimes have unfortunate anti-social side effects.

However, when our lovely guys sweat, they smell of rainbows and lemon drops with enough pheronomes to alter the transit of Venus. (She wants to get a closer look).

They're not like the bloke behind you on the bus.

Look, Jared demonstrates:

Finally, a small personal observation.

I can't help but notice that our lovely boys look rather sweaty in my photo op from JIB last year.  I'm sure this was due to their combined excitement at meeting me.  I mean, people have suggested it's because of the heat from the lamps, and the stuffy hotel ...

How silly!

I hope you enjoyed this sweaty spam.
Now, where's that refrigerator ...?

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