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The HR Girls - a night at the Cricket

My lovely HR girls, plus one (Rob, our deliciously sweet IT guru, honorary HR girl for the night) ventured forth to the Oval Cricket Ground on Friday night to watch Surrey v Somserset  Twenty20 floodlit cricket match.

Now, of course, Britain has been basking in 30 degree heat for the last two months.  The whole nation is burned and barren as Hades,  wilting and shrivelling, as week after week has passed us by without a drop of moisture or a cloud in the sky.

So of course, the one night I want to go and watch Cricket, it pisses down with rain for three hours!

This of course, also meant, that after weeks of cloudless skies, there was absolutely no hope of seeing yesterday`s blood moon behind masses of thick dark clouds.  But, hey ho ... such is life!

We did eventually get some cricket after the rain abated, and we eventually got a ten-over-a-side crash bang wallop knockabout, which - although short - was very entertaining.

And here are the mugshots :

A study in elegance and sophistication

The Oval`s world famous landmark Gasometer looks rather lovely against a lavender-tinted twilight sky.

Play`s underway at last!

The night sky is such a rich, stunning colour as the clouds start to clear

The gorgeous HR girls - Rob (honorary), kathryn, Karen, yours truly, Liz

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