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Fare thee well Steve.

You may remember Mr D and I ventured up to Hull back in November for the 'living wake' of our good friend Steve.

Steve has been battling cancer for 13 years.  He received a terminal diagnosis giving him 6 - 9 months in 2006, and decided early on in his journey that 'belligerence' would be the watchword of his battle.  Well, that belligerence, together with the support of fabulous doctors and medics, gave him an extra 13 years of life.  It wasn't easy life, living without a stomach, half a liver and many other internals that you wouldn't even think about, but he lived to see his son marry and produce a grandaughter whom Steve doted on, and who, in turn, doted on him.

Steve's battle ended yesterday.  He passed away with his family around him, just as he wanted.  It was a fitting end to a battle that had been fought entirely on his terms - even to the very end.

Steve was an all round good bloke; a devoted family man, a loyal friend.  He was a passionate advocate for fairness, in the workplace and in life in general, and in that respect was as opinionated as hell.  He was a cricketer and a genius wordsmith.  He was witty, brilliant and as mad as a trumpet.

He'll leave a big Steve-shaped hole in a lot of peoples' lives.

Fare thee well Steve.
Rest in peace.

Better times - at the Guildford Festival of Cricket, July 2000.

Meeting up with Steve at his living wake in November 2018
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