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100 Days of Happiness - Day 66

So, today was a bit of a happy benchmark for me.

I drove to work for the first time since my accident, and it was fine; no problems, no ill effects, and I was delighted!  I've been spending more and more time without my sling over the last couple of weeks, and letting my arm hang free and swing as the Physio directed, and it seems to be paying off becuse the range of movement in my arm is increasing every day.  In Iceland, we walked a good few miles every day, and letting my arm hang free and just swing gently with the normal motion of walking seemed to help it enormously.

At the moment, I can lift my left arm from the shoulder about 45 degrees.  It's only about a quarter of it's normal range of movement, but now that the swelling and bruising has gone down, it's way more than I had two weeks ago.

I have another fracture clinic and physio appointment again on Wednesday, so I'm hoping that the hospital will be happy with what they see and can discharge me so that I can get rid of the sling completely and get on with my physio properly.

When I broke my elbow twelve years ago, it took me about six months of physiotherapy to get a full range of movement back - it's been six weeks so far, so I think I'm well on track, but I need to start working on strength as well as movement.

But, ultimately, I can see progress and it's in the right direction.

Look, Jensen can see it too ...

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