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100 Days of Happiness - Day 66

Mr D and I are heading off to Iceland for a week on Saturday.  It's our big birthday treat to each other and we absolutely can't wait.  This will be our fifth visit to this amazing, fascinating country, and I very much think it won't be our last.

Just to get myself in the mood, I've been having a trawl through some of our many photos of our travels in Iceland, and so I couldn't resist sharing a few of them here ...

Chillin' in downtown Reykjavik

The famous Blue Lagoon hot springs

Yours truly having a dunk in the Blue Lagoon

Your friendly neighbourhood volcano

Langholtsvegur, the main commercial road through Reykjavik

Beautiful abstract longboat sculpture on Reykjavik Harbour

Reykjavik skyline

The edge of the European continental plate meets the edge of the American continental plate

Gulfoss (foss is Icelandic for waterfall)

A savage and striking landscape

Northern lights - of course!

Hallgrimskirkja - Reykjavik's church

And finally:

A very nordic-looking model posing in an advertising campaign for a well-known Icelandic clothing chain

And ...

Spot the difference ...
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