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Getting back to normal ... (whatever that is!)

Today marks the last day of me being 'a lady of leisure' as the Doctor signed me back to work when I went to see him Wednesday.  He was satisfied that I do a clerical job with no heavy lifting/manual work, and as I told him I'd got my works computer sent home the day after my accident, and have been effectively working from home for the last three weeks, albeit intermittently, as and when I've been feeling comfortable, he was happy to sign me back.

He's signing me back on reduced hours until my next fracture clinic appointment in three weeks, so for that period, I'll be doing 5 hours a day instead of 7.5.  Although, somewhat embarrassingly, I'll be on pre-booked annual leave for the middle week of those three!

My workplace have an occupational health risk assessment lined up for me when I get back on Monday, and they've also offered to pay for a cab to get me to and from work on Monday with a view to talking about practical and comfortable travel arrangements until I can drive again.

I have truthfully and honestly never felt so valued and looked after by an employer.  It's not that I have a lot of sick time from work; I mean, I've never been off sick at this job in the two years plus that I've been there until now.  In fact the only other extended period of sick leave I've ever had was three weeks when I fractured my elbow 11 years ago, and then I worked for the charity sector, so occy health and cabs to work were just pipe dreams!  But this is a whole new level of employee care that I've realy never experienced, and I am so grateful.

It feels nice to be heading back to some degree of normality (such as it is in my world) - and as a part of that, I'm going to the hairdressers today. I had to cancel my last hair appointment because it was only a couple of days after the accident, and I just was never going to be able to handle those 'neck' sinks they use.  I feel as if I will be okay with it now, and as my hair is increasingly looking like, well ...

... only with far too many grey bits, it's time for the chop!

So that's it - onwards and upwards ...

I never thought I hear myself say that I'm looking forward to going into work on Monday, but ... I'm looking forward to going into work on Monday!!!
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