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100 days of happiness - day 60

So, I trollied off to the fracture clinic this morning, and got my x-rays done, then went to see my consultant, the delightful Mr. Wee!

Mr Wee explained the nature of my fracture - an impacted humeral head fracture.  What that means in simple Dizzo terms is that the crack is across the top of my humerus (upper arm bone), and the 'impacted' element is that the humerus has smooshed upward into the humeral head, which in turn has pushed everything in that part of the world (collarbone and shoulderblade mainly) upward slightly, and that would explain the pronounced 'nobbly bit' I can feel on my left shoulder, and why I initially thought it was disocated.

I snuck a picture while Mr Wee was writing up my notes - you can see where the bone has pushed up into the humeral head.

However, it's not all grim stuff, in fact the whole appointment was pretty positive.

Mr Wee explained how the key to helping this heal is to get the two ends of the broken bone to pull apart slightly so that they can go back into their proper position, so he has suggested that whenever it is convenient and safe to do so, I should remove my arm from its sling and just let it hang. using gravity and its own weight as a form of gentle traction, so if you see me in the next few weeks doing a feasible 'walking dead' impression, don't worry!

He's taken away my big old 'Jared' sling that I got at the A&E department, and now I've just got one of those little foam 'collar and cuff' slings that you see people with broken collarbones wearing.

But the best thing is that he's started me on physiotherapy straight away, and I had my first appointment today, so I feel very optimistic that my recovery is starting now and that the process will be significantly shorter than the 12 weeks they estimated at A&E.

He also confirmed that there will be no issue with me flying, so my trip to Iceland next month is not in jeopardy (as long as I don't try anything too adventurous - 'no snowboarding or mountaineering' in Mr Wee's words!)

The only little downer of the day is that, on Mr Wee's advice, I have decided to pull out of the Pretty Muddy race that I was going to run for Cancer Research at the beginniing of October.  With it being an assault course as well as a race, there will be a need to climb and crawl and generally flounder about, and there is just no way my shoulder will be up to the task.  So, unfortunately my milestone year goal of doing something for a worthy cause will have to be held over until next year.

So thank you everyone who wanted an update on today.  I feel much more positive about the whole situation than I was, and I'm focussing on being able to drive again as soon as I possibly can, so that gives me something to aim for whle I'm working through the physiotherapy exercises.

And yes, I'm sitting here with my arm hanging over the side of the couch as I write!! :D
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