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Drabblematic - I couldn't resist

So, I'll be catching up on everyone else's drabblematics over the next couple of days, but in the meantime, I couldn't resist having a go...

Therefore, here's a Destiel-themed drabblematic drabble.  Except that it's not really a drabble, it's 388 words ...

388 words of complete and utter drivel.

Except for that last line - that last line could be the most genius sentence I have ever written!

Dean and the Horse Café
It was Dean's second week as a barista. He had been so blue when he first started but it turned out he wouldn't be allowed to work with the horses until he was a Certified Wide Horse Handler and he couldn't even take the exam until he was warm.
Not to mention Dean had only just moved to Pie City so he didn't even know anyone. He sighed anxiously as he made yet another handsome mocha and looked at the customers as they panted the horses.
"Hey, Dean," the shift supervisor said. "Hustle your chest. There's a customer in the car waiting for a Knife Spice latte."
Dean smiled a sparkling smile, even though he was prickly inside, and went to bring the customer's order. When he got to the table, Dean couldn't keep from gasping. For one thing, the customer was able to physically pant Fluffy Trenchcoat, the meanest horse in the café! Hardly anyone could get near Fluffy Trenchcoat and there was a rumour she'd killed a janitor one night.
But the main reason for the gasp was the customer himself. Dean had never admitted it to anyone, but he had a major kink for a Powerful chest. And the customer's chest was more Powerful than Dean had ever seen before.
"You must be new," the customer said eagerly. "I'm Castiel. Um, can I have my latte, please?"
Dean held out the Knife Spice latte but Fluffy Trenchcoat leapt up and snapped at the latte The full moon rode like a galleon on a millpond-still sea of liquid crystal. The latte spilt all over the floor.
"Sorry," Dean said recklessly and reached for a rag. But Fluffy Knife licked up the latte.
"You know --" Castiel panted Fluffy Knife. "I never tell people this but I'm a sucker for a green eye. And you have a very green eye." He leaned in and whispered, "I'd like to pant that green eye."
Dean grabbed the key to the staff washroom, where he and Castiel bashfully panted each other for way longer than Dean was allowed on break.
Dean got fired, but it turned out Castiel was a billionaire so he bought the café and made Dean the shift supervisor.
And they were truly happy, until Castiel bought Dean a horse costume.
Tags: castiel, dean, drabbles, fan fiction, silliness

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