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Dapplegrey Art - on the road. Funny the people you meet ...

I feel that I've kinda neglected my journal over recent weeks while I've been posting like a loon on behalf of Team Dean over in the Spn_BigPretzel summer challenge.  Yay for Team Dean *fistpump*

However, in between doing that, my alter ego as the owner/proprietor/creator/slave of Dapplegrey Art has been hitting the road around the sun drenched events of southern England, and I have to say, I've had people coming from other towns or even counties to visit Dapplegrey Art while we're on the road but I've never had anyone from ... a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away.

2012-08-19 11.13.29 (2)
And, a little bit of advice ... here's how you deal with those difficult customers.
I suppose I should have been slightly more concerned than I was that they're threatening to shoot my husband in the head, but hey-ho ... such is life!

photo (2)
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