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Book Meme 9 and 10

9. Film or TV tie-in.

I have a copy of the companion book to David Attenborough's groundbreaking Life on Earth series (circa 1979).  I went with my Dad to a big bookshop off Trafalgar Square where the great man himself was signing copies, and I will never forget how delightful and attentive he was to me, a little star-struck eleven year old.  I remember him asking me what my favourite animals were in the series and I said something about 'the squeaky frogs'.  Yeah, great.  Very articulate!!!
10. Reminds me of someone I love.

Odd one this...
It's a copy of Rogets Thesaurus which I bought for my Grandad to help him with his beloved crossword puzzles.  He had never heard of a Thesaurus, and didn't understand how it differed from a dictionary, but once he figured it out, every time I saw him he would tell me how brilliant it was for crosswords, and that he didn't know how he managed without it.
After he passed away, it came back into my possession. and although i never use it - I use the online Thesaurus - it's got some of his notes and doodles written in it, so it really is a treasure for me.
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