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Thank you!!

I'm very touched by all the lovely comments and well-wishes from you all following my post about my weekend misadventures HERE
I've been very spoiled by my lovely F/listies:
This little gem from the fangirl-verse from sasha_dragon
Some shoulder-loving Jared deliciouness from jj1564
and some squeezably scrumptious puppy love from milly_gal

Please forgive me if I don't reply to you all individually (trust me, this one-handed typing lark is soul destroying...) so I'm going to thank you all here and now - you guys are the very best, and because I'm currently not able to do so, I've drafted in the help of this fine gentleman to demonstrate how much I love you all...

Just in case anyone needed proof that I am still mostly in one piece, here are a couple of pictures of a slightly dented me!

Please forgive the alluringly minimalist 'unwashed hair/no make up' combo!

And today I slackened off my sling for a few minutes to stretch my elbow out and got my first look at the bruising ...
Kind of wished I hadn't!

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