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Well, it was a funny old day ...

Yesterday saw me going zorbing with my great friend Dave.  The zorb run was a gift from my work colleages and was something I've wanted to have a crack at for years.

When we got to the zorbing venue, we checked in for our run, got harnessed into the ball, and it was as wild and wacky as I'd always hoped it might be.  So much so that we decided to buy a second run. And that's when things started to go - i think the technical term is - tits up!

The second run we did was a hydrozorb run, where there was water in the ball, and the idea is that you slide side-by-side in the water as the ball is rolling, with a similar effect to a water slide.  Somehow, we managed to lose a bit of control at the beginning of the run and instead if sliding one of us spun with the ball.  I couldn't tell you exactly what happened, but all I know is at some point, poor Dave fell backward onto my left arm, and I heard a pop.  An ambulance ride to the local hospital later, with me and the paramedics convinced that I had a dislocated shoulder, and to my dismay, it turned out to be a broken shoulder!!!

Deep joy...

So this morning, after Mr D and I couldn't sleep in past 5.30 am, and for want of something to do, we took a drive down to the coffee shop after they opened at 6.30

Now that I've come down from all the morphine and entonox from yesterday, it doesn't seem quite so funny!!
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