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100 Days of Happiness - Day 57 - Milestone Plans

So, I've been talking about this on and off, especially in my goal updates, and so here's the detail I've been promising ...

Back at the beginning of 2018, I decided that as this was my milestone year (hey, it's not every year you turn 50), I could either slump in a corner with a crate of wine, a tub of Belgian chocolate Haagen Dasz and brood miserably on my half century or I could grab fifty by the balls and have a bit of fun with it.

I decided on the latter course, and in doing so I set myself three goals for this year:

Get the new tattoo I've been promising myself
Have at least one exciting or interesting new experience this year
Do something worthwhile for a good cause that doesnt just involve donating money

I had a bit of a slow start to the year, because most of the ideas I was formulating involved spending money, and while Mr D wasn't working, there wasn't a whole lot of that around.  So as soon as I got Mr D out earning his keep in early April, I sprung into action ...

I've had the idea for my tattoo floating around for ages, I just had to finalise it and then take the plunge, which I did at the end of May.  The work is being done in two phases.  The first phase is done and mainly involved the outlining of the design - HERE.  The second phase is scheduled for next week, after which it will all be complete, and I can't wait!

There were a couple of things I really wanted to do in terms of having interesting and exciting experiences this year, and there have also been some opportune events crop up which are too good to miss.  I'm getting together a little 'bucket list' of special  things to do and so now my year is shaping up like this:

Reunion with the ladies I used to work with - I did this in April
Go Zorbing - doing this tomorrow!
A week in Iceland with Mr D for the Midnight Sun and hopefully go whale watching - July
A trip to Germany to catch up with some of my wonderful German Spn friends - September
Going to see MacBeth at the RSC in London - November
Going to see Madness in concert - December

So yes, I think mmy 50th year is going to be a very interesting and exciting one :D

So, I set myself a target 'to do something worthwhile for a good cause that doesn't just involve donating money'.

And therefore I and a friend have decided to run the 5k 'Pretty Muddy' Race for Life in aid of cancer research. We are ex-colleagues, and so we're running as team Payroll Dollies!

This basically means that us two grown ladies will be abandoning our dignity and running/staggering around a field
, crawling through mud, climbing over obstacles that are covered in mud and generally making a pair of (very muddy) prats of ourselves. We're doing this in Clapham, London on 6th October, so if you lovely peeps feel like sponsoring me for my abject folly, here's the link to my fundraising page. All and any donations gratefully received... I promise pictures. Really muddy pictures!


I must be nuts!

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