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Book Meme.

I saw this and pinched it from amberdreams

1. Favourite book from childhood.
2. Best bargain.
3. One with a blue cover.
4. Least favourite book by favorite author.
5. Doesn't belong to me.
6. The one I always give as a gift.
7. Forgot I owned it.
8. Have more than one copy.
9. Film or TV tie-in.
10. Reminds me of someone I love.
11. Secondhand bookshop gem.
12. I pretend to have read it.
13. Makes me laugh.
14. An old favorite.
15. Favourite fictional father.
16. Can't believe more people haven't read.
17. Future classic.
18. Bought on a recommendation.
19. Still can't stop talking about it.
20. Favourite cover.
21. Summer read.
22. Out of print.
23. Made to read at school.
24. Hooked me into reading.
25. Never finished it.
26. Should have sold more copies.
27. Want to be one of the characters.
28. Bought at my fave independent bookshop.
29. The one I have reread most often.
30. Would save if my house burned down.

I'm going to post a handful of answers each day, so here goes ...

1. Favourite book from Childhood

My favourite book from Childhood was 'Charlie and the Chocolate Factory'.  It's such a fantastic and hilariously grotesque story, it's captivating, and I've always loved it from the time I first read it when I was very young (possibly about seven.)  I had two copies of the book, the paperback which has long since met it's demise and a hardback (Charlie and the Chocolate Factory/Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator) combined copy which I still have and - and I'm not ashamed of this - which I sometimes still read!

2. Best Bargain

I once won a lovely book about art history in a raffle at my local art society.  I think it was worth about £30, and it was a fascinating book.

3. One with a Blue Cover

Well, this one has a blue-ish cover, but it deserves an honorable mention here because it's one of my favourite books of all time.  I will never be without a copy of the Hitch Hikers' Guide to the Galaxy.

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