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A duo of Drabbles

It seems like an age since I posted any of my drabbles at my journal.  But, as I wrote two this week for the various drabble challenges I take part in, here they are!

Forr the Fanficction.net drabble challenge, the challenge word was 'juice'.  For the DEW challenge at spn_bigpretzel the challenge was Crowley and/or Desert

For both drabbles:

Rating: K+
Genre: Humour
Spoilers/Warnings: None
Disclaimer: I don't own them


Summary: With friends like Crowley, who needs enemies? 200 words.


"So, Crowley, you asshat; what d'you do this time to upset your mother?"

"No idea Squirrel. She's at that age ... you know?"

"Whatever, Crowley. Because you pissed her off, she's zapped us ALL into the middle of the Sahara desert."

"Oh, stow your antlers, Moose; she'll zap us back soon enough."

"Can I punch him in the throat Sam?"

"Not until Rowena's sent us home Dean, we don't wanna antagonise her any more!"

"Cas, can you use your angel juice to…?"

"No, Rowena's magic prevents it. However, I can sense a large hotel, just over the horizon, about five miles ahead.!

"Well done, Cas … it's not a mirage is it?"

"No, it is real. I can hear the hum of the guests' conversations."

Three hours and five miles later…

"We are here at last."

"Thank Chuck … my throat feels like freakin' roadkill!"

"Good afternoon sirs. Welcome to the Oasis Palms hotel. I'm afraid we have a very strict dress code in this establishment. Gentlemen are not permitted inside without a jacket and tie."



"I do not understand…"

"Bad luck boys. Don't worry, Feathers and me will pop out later with a couple of G&T's and a few canapes for you!"




Summary: Sam can talk up healthy eating all he likes, Dean's not buying it. 100 words

Disclaimer: Nope, I don't own these guys!



*sigh* "What's up Dean?"

"My blender. There's mud in my brand-new blender!"

"That's not mud, you tool; that's my new super-smoothie recipe. It's juiced kiwi, lime, apple, carrot and beetroot with pureed banana, chopped kale, parsley, and broccoli florets with alfalfa and lemongrass fibre."


"D'y want some?"

"No I don't. Not ever. I've puked stuff that looks more appetising than that."

"Please yourself."

"I will. I'm gonna pour myself a blend of fermented malt and rye; it's smoother than your crappy smoothie, and there's definitely no mud - but it might have a couple of rocks in it."



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