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Convention Review No. 3 - Crossroads

Having returned from Jus in Bello, I had a couple of days to relax before I headed back up the M40 to Birmingham NEC, where I had been only ten days before, to the Crossroads convention.

I left Rome fairly confident that I had a dose of con-crud brewing; the hoarse voice, sore throat and headache were a dead giveaway, so having two days at home to do the sum total of not much was very welcome indeed.

I eventually hit the road on Friday lunchtime, and spent over three hours getting to Birmingham, thanks to traffic woes at either end of my journey (the 100 miles in the middle were a breeze!)

I was meeting up with my JIB cohorts, amberdreams, and heavenli24, together with the welcome additions of sasha_dragon, chellexxx, and andiivalo Unfortunate absentee xlittleangx was missed!

As I'd managed to download the season finale thagt morning, we had a little watch party in our room on the Friday evening, and that was a nice way to get in the mood for the weekend to come.

Starfury was a new experience or all of us.  They'd never run a Supernatural con before, and had stepped into the void left by Rogue, and generally, the con was great.  Much smaller than an Asylum convention, and infinitely better organised, sasha_dragon and I couldn't quite believe that we had all our autographs and most of our photos all done and finished by the end of the first day.

I was pleased that my pictures went down well, I'm not sure if Keith is used to seeing fan art of himself, because he was really taken aback!

Julian was adorable, and said I'd made him look good!

Mark said, 'I like it - it really looks like me,' then he turned to his handler and said, 'look, doesn't it - it really looks like me!'
I guess it looks like him!

On the Sunday, we finished off our photo ops in the morning, and then having no specific commitments in the afternoon, sasha_dragon, chellexxx and I decided to squirrel ourselves away for a couple of hours and enjoy a bit of quality time together.  We visited the NEC's Subway store and sat out in the sunshine yakking!

As we made our way back to the convention, we stopped off at a famous landmark and couldn't resist a photo opportunity!

After the convention finished on the Sunday evening, we all started  to go our separate ways.  The two local ladies, Sasha and Chellexxx headed straight off and the remaining four of us who had longer journeys wandered over to Pizza Express for a bit of dinner and one last catch up.

Finally, I made my way up to bed for one last night in the Hilton, and realised now that everything was over, I really was feeling ropey. I seriously needed some rest - It was going to be a loooooooong drive home tomorrow :(

It's been an amazing convention year, and I've been so lucky to be able to share it with so many fabulous ladies.

Here, for the last time this year, are the mugshots ...
And yes, what can I say?  Death really is SUCH a sweetheart!

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