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... And I'm done.

That's it.  Finally back from Crossroads in Birmingham, and that's the end of my Supernatural convention adventure.

I will post the next of my con reviews, probably tomorrow - my last day off before return to work, but today is just a much-needed rest day given that I'm beyond knackered and somewhere over the last few days I seem to have picked up a lovely dose of con-crud. I'm coughing and spluttering like a good-un, and my voice sounds like Castiel on helium, so taking root on the couch and nodding off like a sad old git is sounding pretty darn attractive at the moment.

It just remains for me to say thank you sasha_dragon, chellexxx, amberdreams, heavenli24 and andiivalo for your fantastic company this weekend.  It was a fun end to an unforgettable fortnight!

I'll try to do an F/list catch up later - after I've shut my eyes for an hour or two :D

Tags: fandom friends, happy dizzo, starfury

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