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Dizzojay's Dean Dreams

Hellooooo ... *waves*

Hey it's me!

Rumours of my demise are greatly exaggerrated, and I can assure you I am alive and well, and here at the Hilton, Rome, weeping silently into my cappuccino as I ponder the end of another JIBcon.

Hot on the heels of our epic weekend in Birmingham, at SPNUK, I got home from Birmingham Monday morning for a quick turnaround, then off to Heathrow on Tuesday morning, to fly the friendly skies over to beautiful Roma.

Be prepared for Photo-ops and rambles to follow, once I am back and settled at Chez Dizzo but in the meantime, because I need to find any excuse to relive the past week, here are a few photos.

Now, I am no photographer.  I have a lovely big wizzy camera, but I spend more time fiddling and faffing with the bloody thing than actually watching the panels, and so it's a source of huge frustration for me.  That being the case, I didn't bring it with me this time so I didn't feel under any pressure to use it and spoil the panels for myself.  I didn't take that many pictures in the panel hall, and all the ones I did take were quick snaps that were taken on my phone.  I had great seats in the panel hall this year - three rows from the front, and in my photos I discovered that the great big screen behind the guests made for a very interesting photo effect ...

Jensen looking how I feel this morning!

Misha looking like he's up to no good ... wait, that's Misha's default setting!

The Jensen 'intense stare' - excuse me a moment while I explode ...

Can I be that Microphone?

Adorable Jared doing what Jared does - making some lucky fan feel like they are the centre of his universe.

Lovely Misha and Jensen answering a fan's question, Jensen has his usual 'what the hell are you talking about Misha' expression!

Then Jared joined the Misha and Jensen panel, and we knew we were in for a treat!

Jared looks like he's just been reading my journal!

Adam Fergus - almost impossible to get a decent photo of him - the bloody man is never STILL!!  He's like a hyperactive ball of energy with ants in his pants - I'm not sure he even knows what those chairs are for!!!!
Still love him to bits though :)

And you can't have one of the British Men of Letters without the other.  Damn you David Haydn-Jones, even if I live to be a hundred and ten, there I'll be, sitting in the nursing home humming 'Makin' Bacon'!!!!

You've broken me ...

And then...

Out on an evening stroll in search of dinner with a couple of my partners in crime, xlittleangx and my roomie, Wendy, with the Tempio di Vesta in the background.

And finally, one of my photo ops - lovely Jared - I mean, who could POSSIBLY keep their hands off of him???

I'll post photo ops and other stuff later in the week when I'm home and I've had a chance to scan them.

I'm sorry for any important stuff I've missed while I've been on the rampage in Roma (and Birmingham), feel free to tag me or PM me into anything you'd like me to see!!

Love your faces
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