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Don't believe a word I say ...

Okay, so I know I said 'that's it, no more' in respect of convention artwork while I was talking about Donatello here.

The thing is, that was before I knew that Manu Bennett had been invited to JIBcon's 'non-Supernatural' little brother convention, JIBland.

Manu Bennett .... CRIXUS!!!

Of course, Manu also played the rather nasty Azog, the White Orc in The Hobbit movies, but to me he is and always will be Crikxus.

The thing is, I leave for JIBcon/JIBland tomorrow, so I'm unpacking from SPNUK, and packing to JIBccon today and inbetween, I'm having minor hysterics that I'm going to meet Crixus!

I know I don't tend to post about Spartacus here, but it is a series I love and Crixus is my favourite character.  He was only announced yesterday when some bod I'd never heard of pulled out of JIBland, and I might have just had a minor meltdown - in a really good way - when I heard.

Anyway it occurred to me that I'd have nothing for Manu to sign, and that would never do, because, well, Crixus!! 

And Crixus deserves better ...

No, of course I didn't have time to do it ... that's why I'm knackered, completely devoid of any common sense, and posting at a few moments before midnight!!!

There was wine involved too ...

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