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Poe-esque ... is that actually a word?

This is a little ficlet that I posted over at FF.net yesterday.  I was aiming for a complete deviation from my normal material (you know the kind of thing; naked Dean, Dean with a smart mouth, naked Dean with a smart mouth ...) and decided to try for a creepily dark and gothic feel.

A few of my readers thus far have said this puts them in mind of Poe which, if you're aiming for dark and gothic, is probably as good as you can hope for!

So, without further ado ...


Rating: K+
Genre: Horror/suspense ... don't really know!
Word count: 100

The boys don't usually have an audience for their salt and burns. But tonight someone's watching. Outsider POV.

Disclaimer: don't own them - just not fair.


Moonlight shimmers over his iridescent back like water over onyx;

and he watches.

As he's done his entire life.

In the twisted carcass of an ancient yew, he sits;

and watches over the cemetary.

Tiny, glimmering eyes; black as beetles.

He watches.

But tonight is different.

Tonight, two men came and opened the earth.

They dropped a spark into the ground;

Smiled as flames reared up to meet them.

Acrid smoke tainted the air.

And then they left.

He didn't like them;

he still doesn't like them.

The crow quietly preens stinking ash out of his plumage;

and he watches.



Tags: dean winchester, fan fiction, sam winchester

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