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Goals Update - no. 4

So, here's my fourth update on the progress of the goals I set myself in the snowflake challenge ...

Fandom goals

Write more words than I did last year, ie: more than 27,000
Current total 3,820 - slightly behind schedule, but up on last month!
Current total 9,554, a nice long birthday fic that I wrote for a friend on Fanfiction.net has pushed my progress forward nicely!
current count 11,484, nicely ahead of schedule and just about to embark on my spn_bigpretzel Spring Fic Exchange Story, so tthat should boost my numbers!

Take part in at least one new challenge, either arting or writing (I will fulfil this as I intend to do the 'Quicky Bang' that's doing the rounds at the moment)
I took part in the Quicky Bang, would maybe like to take part as a writer in the next round?  Assumung I take part in all my usual challenges this year,the goal is fulfilled. I can add Big_Pretzel Valentines Day Drabble Challenge to this too!

Maintain and build interest and activity in the two communities that I co-mod on Livejournal, spn_bigpretzel and  spn_on_parade
The Spn-BigPretzel Valentines Day Drabble Challenge produced over 160 drabbbles, so I think that goal is ticking along nicely!
Spn-BigPretzel Spring Exchange is currently running with twice as many particiapants as last year, a few new faces too, whch is brilliant!

Art goals

Produce three new pictures for my art collection for the summer show season.
Second one done - Icelandic Horse completed yesterday
No further progress yet
Been working on a commission, so no further pictures yet

Look at at least one new trading avenue for dapplegrey art
Dapplegrey art products on Zazzle; goal fulfilled

Draw at least four more supernatural pictures for the convention season in May
Finished a picture of Adam last week, but just realised I won''t be able to get it signed because Jake Abel is only at Creation Con on Friday - the one day I won't be there!! DUH!!  so, still three to go here.
Portraits  of Crowley, Trickster and Chuck completed - goal fulfilled

Real life goals

Everyday goals

Support Mr D through the big changes in his life

Lose my pre-Christmas weight
Lost ten pounds since Christmas, goal fulfilled
New goal: lose another stone before con season
Only another 2 pounds lost in the last month, but hopefully gym will help now!  Plus, I've now been able to replace my Fitbit, so that will help too :)
Think this goal might be a bust!  Only lost five pounds and then put pretty much all of it back on over my birthday :P
If it's possible to lose a stone in four weeks, I'll give it a go!!!

Consider this goal a faily fail that couldn't fail any more if it was Faily McFailface from Failville! :(

Get my arse back in the gym (will have to wait on this one, as gym membership is on hold while Mr D is between jobs!)
Gym membership reactivated last week, first day back in the gym today now that Snowmageddon has melted and Gym is accessible again!
Arse is back in the gym!  Goal fulfilled

Milestone year goals
Have at least one exciting or interesting new experience for my milestone year!
Got a couple of ideas, these have been dependent on getting Mr D out earning again, so once he has a start date, I can start planning.
Now that Mr D has started his job, I feel confident to start turning ideas into plans.  I have a little 'bucket list' drawn up for my milestone year (which I will talk about more in another post).  However, my first item on it is happening this Saturday with a reunion of lovely ladies from my old job. Ten of us are meeting up for a meal, a few drinks and a lot of laughs :)
So many exciting things planned for this year - I'll post separately  about these!

Do something really worthwhile for a good cause that doesn't just involve donating money
Have an idea, and early plans are afoot!
This is another item on my 'bucket list'.  I have arranged to do the 5k 'Pretty Muddy' Race for Life in aid of Cancer Research with a lady I used to work with  in October. So training begins now (see my goal above about gettiing my arse back in the gym!!!)
Will post separately about this :)
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