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100 Days of Happiness - Day 51

Well it's been four weeks, and although I took them down a while ago, they've been sitting in a pile on the dining table and now it's time to pack them away for posterity - my 50th birthday cards!

I had so many wonderful cards, but here's a selection of my  favourites - fandom and non-fandom ones, silly and ... sillier, oh yes, and jokes about wine!

Oh boy, I can relate to this one ...

And sadly, I can relate to this one too!

Mr D can relate to this one!!!

Aand my Fitbit can relate to this one :)

I should be so lucky!!

Cute - and just a tiny bit disturbing!

He had to be in there somewhere ...

And again :)

Extra mature - in body if not in mind!

Poor Darth, you can't trust his judgement!

There were Pringles too ...

You haven't seen me BEFORE moisturiser!

Erm, never?  I hope!

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