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Work in progress

This is a little project I did over on my Dapplegrey Art facebook page.  It's a work in progress of a picture I have just finished for a client.  The portrait is of her 32 year old Fell Pony, Eagle.

I took photos of the picture to chart my progress as I worked ...

Starting off with the initial sketch - first using a pastel pencil and putty rubber so I don't damage the paper, then tidying up and adding detail with a sharpened HB.


Started from top left to bottom right (because I'm right-handed). Laying down the first layers of texture for the mane.


Finished this stage late last night so I waited to take a photo of it this morning in the daylight - such as it is! We have an eye and a cheek now. There's so much dark colouring in in this one, I've been using french grey with a touch of ice blue to bring out the highlights on the coat


Taking a bit of shape now he's got a forelock to go with his mane; lots of work still to do on shaping and smoothing of the face, and making sure I get the contours right. Not the best photo unfortunately due to the complete lack of decent daylight :(


A lot more shape around the face now. Still work to do on that part but 90% there.
Then onto the muzzle!


Almost there now, just finishing touches, tidying up and fixing to do. I've already started doing a bit of cleaning up around the muzzle and it shows how filthy the paper gets, not to mention my hands, anything I touch and the surface I'm working on. Pastels are lovely, but they're not for the houseproud :)


Cleaned up using a putty rubber to protect the surface of the paper, a few finishing touches, and then he is all ready to meet his new owner!
All finished.


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