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Happy Birthday Cassiopeia7

cassiopeia7, I hope you have a birthday that's out of this world!

And knowing your love of all things cosmic, here's a little piece of space-inspired fun for you featuring the boys and Baby!

The brothers perched on the Impala's hood, winding down after another gruelling hunt.
Relaxing with a beer, they gazed up in silence at the stars.
Eventually, Dean spoke.  "Space is realy big, y'know."
Sam looked at him; "uh, yeah!"
"I mean, like really, really big."
Sam pondered; "Uh yeah - I know!"
"I mean, just think of the biggest place ever, then increase that by, like, hundreds of billions, and that's what space is like."
Sam sighed; "what's your point Dean?"
"My point is, a mile back to the gas mart isn't so far for you to walk to get me some pie."



Tags: birthday shout out, dean winchester, fan fiction, fandom friends, impala, sam winchester, supernatural

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