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100 Days of Happiness - 42

So I mentioned in my goals update that I have set myself a little 'bucket list' for my milestone year.  The first thing on it was to arrange a reunion with all the lovely ladies that i worked with at my old job, and who I got along with so well.  Many of us worked together for more than ten years, and some of us haven't seen each other since I left.  I was thrilled to be able to mark my special birthday with them.

There were nine of us that met up on Saturday night at the Windmill pub close to where we all live, and we had an absolute ball.  All but three of us have now left the old place, and every single one of us who has is happier for it.

Here we all are - L to R
Sue - Welfare, Ros - Secretary, Debbie - Welfare, Donna - Payroll, Ruth - HR, Me, Heather - Secretary, Dawn - Finance, Jenni - HR

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