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100 days of Happiness - Day 36: My 'Office' Birthday

Although my real birthday isn't for a few days yet, because a couple of my collagues are out of the office tomorrow, and then we close up for Easter, today was my 'office birthday'.

I've been so unbelievably spoilt, I can't believe what a fantastic group of people I work with.

I walked into the office this morning, and my desk was festooned with banners and balloons and presents, and my three girls, Kathryn, Keara and Karen were playing 'Happy Birthday' by Stevie Wonder.

The first thing I was given was a 50th birthday sash which I was under orders to wear all day.  Kathryn had also bouught me a big '50? Fucking Hell!' badge, but I against my better judgement, I guessed I'd better not wear that around the office!

They had all bought me such lovely thoughtful gifts, I just couldn''t believe it.  They included:

A 50th birthday Swarowski wine glass (which is so beautiiful, I'm almost scared stiff to touch it),

some fabulous Supernatural loot (someone's been Googling!)

A brilliant Yoda mug and chopping board

And an R2D2 travel mug

Later in the morning, Tracy, the CEO's PA came in and bought me a fantastic Death Star helium balloon.  She made us roar with laughter when she said that lady in the shop was tying the ribbon on, and said to her 'so ... is it for your Son?' and Tracey said, "uh, no - actually it's for a 50 year old woman!"

Throughout the morning, I had people dropping by wishing me all the best, and leaving bottles of Prosecco and Easter Eggs - I had an Easter Bunny from my Director, and a bottle of Prosecco from my Manager.

At lunchtime, we all went out to a nice Italian restaurant in town for lunch, (which was kindly paid for by our Director, Paul) and to my astonishment, more presents appeared! These were from the team, and I was so thrilled with them!  One of the things I've talked about on my to-do list for my milestone year is to go Zorbing, and I have been holding out until Mr D is back earning his keep to book a session.  One of the girls had obviously heard me talking about this and taken note, because one of my gifts was a voucher for 'zorbing for two'.

The other gift was something I'd seen one of the guys in the office setting up for one of his kids, and I fell in love with it.  It was a little remote control R2D2 which you controlled from an app on your phone, and he was set up with AI so you could train him to respond to you and come when you call him. The girls obviously saw me fawning over little R2, and bought me the equally gorgeous BB8 in the same set!

I'm just blown away by the kindness, and the thought and generosity everyone has shown toward me.  I just absoutely cannot believe my luck in finding this place, and these fabulous people when I made my move those two years ago.  I feel like the Queen, having two birthdays this year - and this one was one I won't forget for a very long time!
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