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Another Meme-y Thing. What can I say? I'm incorrigible!

Nicknames: Diz, Dizzo

Gender: Female

Star Sign: Aries

Height: 5' 7"

Birthday: 1 April

Favorite Bands: Queen is probably the only band I've ever followed avidly

Favorite Solo Artists: Don't really have any

Song stuck in your head: Nothing in particular at the moment

Last movie you watched: Jaws

Last show you watched: Torchwoood

When did you create your blog? December 2010

What do you post? Jensen, Jared, Misha, memes, Jensen, Picspams, Fanfic, Jensen, Fan art, random facts about me and life in general, did I mention Jensen?

Last thing you googled? Something about a singer in the sixties that I've never heard of to resolve a debate between my Mum and Dad.

Do you have other blogs? No

Why did you choose your URL? It’s just a longstanding nickname based on my surname that has been around long before I entered fandom.

Favorite colors: turquoise, teal, aquamarine, mint green; any of that family of colours.

Average hours of sleep: Six

Lucky numbers: Don't think I have one

Instruments: I don't play any instruments - I have no musical talent whatsoever. I like to listen to mellow sounding instruments like the cello and the clarinet.

What are you wearing? Black pyjamas

How many blankets do you sleep with? None, I have a duvet.

Dream Job: Something creative such as arting or writing.  I did kind of achieve the first one with dapplegrey art, although I can't retire on it yet!

Dream Trip: New Zealand South Island.

Ethnicity: White British

Favorite song right now: Don't really have one

Put your music library on shuffle. What are the first 6 songs that popped up?
Northern Lights - Lindisfarne
The Chauffeur - Duran Duran
One Day Like This - Elbow
Waterloo - Abba
Senses Working Overtime - XTC
New Song - Howard Jones

Grab a book nearest to you and turn to page 23. What is line 17?
... nothing like the massive gasball Lowell had postulated - but any ...
Bill Bryson, 'A Short  History of Nearly Everything'

Who is your celebrity crush? Well of course, it's our delightful Mr Ackles.  Who else?

Do you drive? If so, have you ever crashed?  Yes, and unfortunately yes.

The last book you read: A Short History of Nearly Everything - Bill Bryson

Worst injury you’ve had: Multiple fracture of humerus and elbow with a side order of concussion.  Yum!

Do you have any obsessions right now? Fandom, J2M, art,

Do you tend to hold grudges against people who have done you wrong? The thing is, if someone pisses you off and you spend your time being angry and bitter and stressed about it, the only person who is suffering is you.  So no, if someone upsets me or treats me wrong, I walk away and forget them; I cleanse my life of them.  They're not worth a second of my time.
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