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Friday Meme

Snagged from amberdreams
Thought I'd have a go at this one because, well, just because ...

1. Are you Irish?
Not that I'm aware of, my family has English, Jewish and Maltese heritage, but so far as I'm aware, no Irish!
2. Do you like Guinness?
Nope, sorry, I think it's disgusting!
3. Do you know what the symbol of Ireland is?
The symbol of Eire is the harp, and of Ulster is the red hand
4. Have you ever watched Father Ted?
Yes, and I love old, foul-mouthed, lecherous, drunken Father Jack the most.
5. Do you believe in leprechauns?
I wouldn't say I believe in Faeries (Leprechauns etc), but they are a significant part of our ancient folklore and I love and respect that immensely.  Faerie lore fascinates me because it is so different and so much darker than Faeries in popular culture.
Tags: facts about me, meme-y stuff, not supernatural

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