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Technology Meme

This looked like a bit of fun, so I thought I'd give it a whirl ... snagged from wings128
(This made me feel very old!)

1. Did you have a cell phone prior to your thirties? Did they exist?
I think we were in our late twenties.  Mr D and I had one between us, it was a brick and the call charges were astronomical - it was for emergencies only!

2. Did you have cable when you were a little kid? When did you first get cable?
Are you joking????  When I was a little kid, we had three channels in the UK and colour TV was only just available!

3. Do you know what 8-track tapes are and did you ever own an 8-track tape player?
Sorry, don't know what one of those is, so that would suggest I've never owned one.

4. Did you own cassette tapes and walkman or tape player in high school and college?
Yes, both.  I used to tape the top 40 on Sunday evenings, and then listen to it on my walkman on the bus to and from day release college back in the 80's.

5. When did you get your first DVD player?
Ooh, I really can't remember, it's got to be about fifteen years ago!

6. Did you learn how to type on a typewriter? Did you own a typewriter growing up?
Yes, I took typing at school and learned on a manual typewriter, I got a distinction in RSA levels 1, 2 and 3, so I wasn't bad at it.  But it's interesting that I've always been a three fingered typist - it's a relic of that time that I never had the strength in my little fingers to effectively hit the manual keys, so I gave up using them.

7. What was the first computer you owned?
I can't remember, but we got our first PC in January 2000.

8. What age were you when you first got email?
I first encountered email in work, around the mid-nineties.  I didn't have my own account until we got our first PC in 2000.

9. What age were you when you first encountered the internet? Was it around when you were a kid?
When we got our first PC in 2000, I was 32.

10. What age were you when Facebook, Twitter, and Dreamwidth, and Livejournal started?
No idea. I first signed up with Facebook in 2009 and Livejournal in 2010, but I know they were both around long before that!!

11. What was your first cell phone? How old were you when you got it? Do you even own one?
Mr D and I had one mobile phone between us around the time we got married (1994). Mr D used to carry it most of the time and it wsas for emergency use only because the calls were astronomically expensive.  I got my own mobile phone when I got a job that required a lot of driving in 2000.  It was a Phillips, an absolute brick, but it did the job, and saved my bacon a couple of times when my little old car broke down.

12. Have you ever owned a smartphone?
Yes, I've had smartphones for a good few years now.  I've always had Android because I just think Apple are too expensive, too incompatible with real life and unnecessarily complicated.

13. What was your first printer like and the paper that you used when you got your very first computer? Could it print photos -- the first printer you worked on or owned?
No idea what it was, but it was one of those dot matrix things. When you printed photos they were like the rubbish quality of newspaper photos.

14. When you were in college, freshman and sophomore years, did you type on a computer or type-writer?
At college I studied typing and word processing, so my work was done on a computer at college, but I didn't have a computer at home.

15. What age were you when streaming came out? You can pick decade - aka 20s, 30s, teens...
Probably forties, but to be honest, I have no idea - I don't even do streaming now!

16. What age were you when you got your first MP3 Player? Do you even own one?
I've had Ipods of various types probably the last ten years or so.

17. Did you own a record player, cassette player, CD player or MP3 player as a kid or teen?
I had a record player and cassette player when I was a child, and then got a stereo midi-system whinch incorporated both when I was about ten.  I think I was about eighteen when we got our first CD player.  My Dad bought it for me for that Christmas, and the CD's be bought me to go with it were Jeff Wayne's War of the Worlds, Holst's Planets Suite and Queen's Greatest Hits.

18. At what age did you start blogging on the internet?
Early forties, 2009/2010

19. E-book reader – when did these come out? What age?
I've had Kindles of various types for about the last six or seven years

20. How do you listen to music? On what devices?
My Ipod in the car, or ITunes on my computer at home.

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