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100 Days of Happiness - Day 30

So, I've just got back from PC World in Woking, with a shiny new laptop purchase under my belt.

Said laptop isn't in my possession at the moment, as I paid for their techie guys to set the thing up and do all the uploading and installing and other sorts of wizzy clever stuff that I'm worse than useless at and hate doing anyway, so hopefully it will be ready for Mr D to pick up and bring home tomorrow.

As we were sitting down with the nice young shop assistant, and finalising all the paperwork, he commented (very enthusiastically) on my Supernatural wallet, and we had a nice little conversation about the show.  He's definitely a Dean!boy (or as Mr D put it on the way home, he's as gay as a maypole for Jensen).

While he was tapping into his computer, making a list of the programmes and products I needed him to install on my computer, he turned the screen away from me and typed something, then he said - with a smile - 'and there's a little surprise for you!!'

So I have NO idea what to expect when my new laptop gets home ...

Oh yes, and just for the record, the shop assistant's name was Jared!
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