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100 Days of Happiness - day 25

I had a wonderful day in London yesterday with the lovely ladies I work plus one other who left a few months ago. It was a beautiful crisp winters day, which perfectly reflected the mood of the occasion.

Ever since our first outing back in 2016, a cricket match where we all wore white sun hats, and the label 'Twats in Hats' was coined, hats have always been a vital part of our social occasions.  And this one was no different! (But more on that later) :)

We started out all meeting up on the train to London, and then headed towards one of London's most iconic buildings, No. 30 St Mary's Axe - otherwise known as 'The Gherkin'.

... for obvious reasons!

At the foot of 'The Gherkin' is a themed bar and novelty crazy golf course called 'Swingers' and that was where we were headed.

And as far as hats were concerned, the theme was Golf!

Yes, we actually sat on the train and walked through London wearing these!

Here are a few more pictures of a fabulous, happy day!

A brief Interlude at the Alchemist Cocktail Bar

Oh yes, and we ended up in a Bar at beautiful old St Pancras station which had Harry Potter themed cocktails ...

... hence the painted-on scars ...
My fringe covered mine up!

Here's a Butterbeer you definitely wouldn't find at Hogwarts!

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