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Valentines Drabbles

I have been taking part in the Valentines Day Team Drabble Challenge over at  spn_bigpretzel
The brief of the challenge was to write drabbles about characters' love for inanimate objects or non-human/non-sentient beings (which could include animals, or people in a TV show/magazine picture context (ie: Bobby's thing for watching the Tori Spelling show or Dean's love of Busty Asian Beauties).

So, over the two weeks, I managed twelve drabbles - and here they are:

By The Book.

Time Out.

Memory Foam.

Guilty Pleasure.

Familiar Faces.

A Home Of His Own.

Trash TV.

Dog’s Life.

Lady Love.


Gummy Tummy.

Comfort Food.

Tags: drabbles, fan fiction, spn-bigpretzel

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