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100 Questions Meme

Here are my answers for 23 - 44!

023. First piercing? Ears pierced unsuccessfully when I was a kid, see no. 17 in my previous post!)
024. First best friend? Jane.  We’ve been friends since pre-school.
025. First award? I won a drawing competition at school when I was nine with a drawing of Animal from the Muppet Show.
026. First crush? Roger Taylor, the Queen drummer was one of the first.
027. First time? Mr D was my first; I wasn’t bothered enough about any of my previous flames to do the deed!
028. First big vacation? By big, I’m assuming outside of Europe – that would be Vancovuer and British Columbia in 1995.

029. Last person you talked to? Mr D
030. Last person you texted? My Dad
031. Last person you watched a movie with? Mr D
034. Last song you listened to? La Isla Bonita, Madonna
035. Last thing you bought? A birthday card
036. Last person you hugged? Mr D

037. Food? Fish and Chips, chees, chocolate – basically nothing healthy!
038. Drink? New Zealand Sauivgnon Blanc and cappuccino
039. Clothing? Bootcut Jeans and a fitted T shirt is y signature look.
040. Flower? No preference; something colourful and pretty
041. Books? Watership Down, Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy, anything by Bill Bryson, most things by Stephen King or Terry Pratchett
043. Movie? The Lord of the Rings trilogy, Star Wars (the original trilogy especially), the Dish, the Shawshank Redemption, the Green Mile, the Boat that Rocked, Hot Fuzz, to name only a few
044. Subjects? English, art and history
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