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100 Questions Meme

This looks like something fun to do on a cold, haily afternoon. I'm doing it in sections because 100 questions might be a lot to read in one sitting (and I'm not THAT interesting!) Shamelessly pinched from milly_gal

001. Real name ? Jane

002. Nickname(s)? Dizzo, Diz, Janey, I know one person who still calls me Ludders which is a relic of my maiden name (Ludlow)

003. Zodiac sign ? Aries

004. Male or female ? Female

005. Age ? 49 (not for much longer unfortunately - eek!)

006. Dream Job ? Something creative involving arting or writing

007. Eyes ? Hazel - the brown end of the spectrum

008. Hair color ? Grey, but dyed mid-brown with highlights

009. Long or short ? Short - I have neither the skill or the inclination to maintain long hair

010. Loud or Quiet ? Bit of both

011. Sweats or Jeans ? Jeans in public, sweats at home

012. Phone or Camera ? Phone. Camera is just too distracting.

013. Health freak ? Uh, nope!

15. Do you have a crush on someone? Yes, he's this gorgeous green-eyed bow-legged bugger that a few of you might have heard of ...?

016. Eat or Drink ? both

017. Piercings ? None. I did have my ears pierced when I was a kid, but I got an infection that wouldn't heal, so the doctor recommended that I get the holes stitched up. Since then, I can't get my earlobes pierced because there's scar tissue there, and no reputable piercer will risk re-opening it.

018. Tattoos ? One, but I think I might treat myself to another one for my fiftieth birthday!


019. Been in an airplane ? Yes, lots. Ranging from two-seaters to jumbos, and helicopters too.

020. Had sex with someone you just met ? No

021. Been in a car accident ? Yes, no-one was hurt thankfully.

022. Been in a fist fight ? No, although I did break one up many years ago.

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