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Goals update

As I set myself some goals for the year in the snowflake challenge, I thought it would be fun to keep tabs on them across the year, so here's my first update ...

Fandom goals

Write more words than I did last year, ie: more than 27,000
I'm currently on 1,623, so I'm a bit behind target with a long way to go yet
Take part in at least one new challenge, either arting or writing (I will fulfil this as I intend to do the 'Quicky Bang' that's doing the rounds at the moment)
I took part in the Quicky Bang, would maybe like to take part as a writer in the next round?  Assumung I take part in all my usual challenges this year, the goal is fulfilled.
Maintain and build interest and activity in the two communities that I co-mod on Livejournal, spn_bigpretzel and  spn_on_parade
Ongoing ...

Art goals

Produce three new pictures for my art collection for the summer show season.
First one done - Alpaca pic
Look at at least one new trading avenue for dapplegrey art
Dapplegrey art products on Zazzle; goal fulfilled
Draw at least four more supernatural pictures for the convention season in May
A picture of Sam and Dean done; one down, three to go.

Real life goals

Everyday goals

Support Mr D through the big changes in his life
Lose my pre-Christmas weight
Lost ten pounds since Christmas, goal fulfilled
New goal: lose another stone before con season
Get my arse back in the gym (will have to wait on this one, as gym membership is on hold while Mr D is between jobs!)
Gym membership will be activated again in March

Milestone year goals
Have at least one exciting or interesting new experience for my milestone year!
Got a couple of ideas, these have been dependent on getting Mr D out earning again, so once he has a start date, I can start planning.
Do something really worthwhile for a good cause that doesn't just involve donating money
still pondering on this one.
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