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100 Days of Happiness - Day 20

It's a happy day today because finally, Mr D has been offered a job!

He got the phone call at lunchtime today, and so now we're just waiting for all the paperwork to make it official!

The job is as a court usher at a County Court in Basingstoke, a town about fifteen miles away.  It's a huge change from what he used to do, but the core competencies such as organisation and co-ordination skills, and dealing with people in stressful situations are all things that he can do standing on his head. He spent nine years dealing with cancer patients - you don't get much more stressful than that.

I'm not sure when he'll be starting, that depends on whether they need him to do all the police checks or not, I imagine they will, so it could be a few weeks before he's actually working, but now we know he's got something in the pipeline, we can start planning ahead again!

So yes, all in all, things are looking up ...

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