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100 Days of Happiness - Day 17

Well, I'm sorry that I've been a little silent over the weekend.  That's mainly because I was over the briney sea on the Isle of Wight visiting my parents.  Mum and Dad were fine, it was lovely to see them as I haven't been over for a couple of months. Like most folks' parents, I guess, the weekend swung from me loving them dearly and being absolutely willing to walk through Hell for them to them driving me nuts (trust me, my Dad on a political rant is not a pretty thing to witness!)  But hey ho, it was lovely to see them!

Because my parents don't drive, my Saturdays are usually spent running errands for them while I've got the car there, and this Saturday was no different.  We went to their nearest big town, Newport, because my Mum needed some curtains and Dad wanted to go to the DIY superstore to pick up some masonry paint for his garage floor, and while we were there, I made a detour to 'Forget-me-Nots', the local art shop, and this is where Day 17 of my 100 Days of Happiness comes in ...

I bought a pencil.

Now, in and of itself, that doesn't seem to be a particularly earth-shattering or happy-making occurrence, but this was no ordinary pencil.

You see, I have a particular pencil which I love.  It's a 'Conte a Paris' Rose Madder no. 38 pastel pencil which was part of a set that my Mum and Dad bought me for my 15th birthday in 1983.  It's the colour I use for contouring and adding warmth to skin tones, and as you can imagine, after 35 years, it's gradually wearing down.  Rose Madder is a lovely rich pink, not too warm and not too mauve.  It works perfectly for skin tones, and so far, I've never found another pink pastel pencil that does the job quite so well.

So, I strolled into Forget-me-Nots to continue my quest for a suitable replacement for my diminishing pencil, and to my utter astonishment and delight ... there it was.  'Conte a Paris' Rose Madder no. 38.  I actually stood in the shop and squealed!

And so, here they are - 35 years apart, the old and the new.

And as sad and nerdy as it sounds, this discovery absolutely made me a VERY happy Dizzo!!

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