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100 Days of Happiness - Day 16

Mr D set himself the task of clearing out our larder today.

Over recent months, through neglect and bad shopping habts, our walk-in larder has kind of morphed into a 'climb-in-and-break-your-ankle-over-a-stray-potato' larder, so it was probably going to prove quite an onerous task for him.

Around 3 pm today, I got a text while I was at work; it said 'larder's looking good', and had a picture with it. 

I was expecting to see our lovely tidy larder, all clean and orderly with regimented lines of neatly arranged cans and packets ...

Well, they look cute, but I can't imagine they taste all that good boiled in salt water ...

Tags: happy dizzo, little plastic people, little plushie people, meme-y stuff, mr dizzo
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