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100 Days of Happiness - Day 13

Some of you are probably aware that I sponsor a little girl.

Her name is Brendi, and she lives in the Honduras. I've sponsored her since she was six years old, and she's eleven in April.  We write to each other, and every time I send her a letter, I try to enclose a picture, just random things that she might find interesting and that she wouldn't otherwise see, things like a picture of me in the snow, a picture of Tower Bridge and a picture of my house!

In her last letter she told me that she likes reading and writing at school and she told me about all the trees where she lives :)

Every now and again, the charity I sponsor her through send me photos, and I always love to receive those.  These are the two most recent ones:

Brendi in her school uniform with an older friend.

Brendi with her grandmother and all the school books and equipment that the charity provide for her.

Receiving pictures like this make my sponsorship money, and the time I spend writing letters and cards seem very real and very worthwhile.  Seeing her happily carrying that pack of books and pencils makes me realise how proud I am to play a small part in giving this lovely little girl a potential future in a country and a culture where opportunities for women and girls are pretty limited.  And that's something that makes me very happy indeed!
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