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To my wonderful Dad!

This post is dedicated to my Dad, without whom Dapplegrey Art, my animal art business, and my love of art in general would not exist.

I came across these photos of his artwork in an old album a while back, and decided  that Father's Day was an ideal time to share them with the world.

He's my staunchest support, my most honest critic and my inspiration, and his artwork should be seen but never was because he gave up his dream to support mine.

This is a caricature of Gary Lineker, a famous England Footballer from the 80s/90s

Caricatures of Lester Piggott and John McCricick, two of the UK's most famous horseracing personalities

A lovely little image that shows what a neat and ordered eye my dad has (one aspect where I really DON'T take after him!!!)

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